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  • Workshop at the GI-Week (05. July 2021, English)

    Title: Earth-observation analysis utilising newly developed semantic Earth observation data cubes
    When: Monday, 05. July 2021: 14:00 - 15:30
    Where: Online, more information: https://www.conftool.com/giweek2021/index.php?page=browseSessions&form_session=370

    Abstract: A semantic Earth observation (EO) data cube is a concept developed by researchers at Z_GIS to query and analyse big Earth observation data. Users can access an implementation of these concepts directly in a Web-browser such that no programming skills are required to conduct EO analysis. This enables users to create their own queries and improve the use of Earth observation data (e.g., of Copernicus) in a broad variety of applications.
    This workshop will introduce the general concept of an EO data cube and the characteristics of a semantic EO data cube, setting the stage for an interactive, hands-on session. We will guide you through using our Web-based interface to understand and create your own semantic models and conduct analysis on your own areas and timespans of interest using multiple semantic EO data cubes.

  • Workshop während der GI-Week (08. Juli 2021, Deutsch)

    Titel: Erdbeobachtungs-Analysen in den neu entwickelten semantischen Datenwürfeln (Sen2Cube.at)
    Wann: Donnerstag, 08. Juli 2021: 13:00 - 14:15
    Wp: Online, mehr Informationen unter: https://www.conftool.com/giweek2021/index.php?page=browseSessions&form_session=352

    Abstract: Der semantische Datenwürfel ist eine am Z_GIS entwickelte Lösung, um große Erdbeobachtungsdatenmengen direkt im Web-Browser abzufragen und zu analysieren, ohne dass Programmierkenntnisse erforderlich sind. Dadurch lassen sich auch eigene und beliebig komplexe Abfragen realisieren und Erdbeobachtungsdaten (z.B. von Copernicus) in einer Vielzahl an Anwendungen besser nutzen.
    In diesem Workshop wird das generelle Konzept eines Erdbeobachtungs-Datenwürfels und die Eigenschaften eines semantischen Datenwürfels vorgestellt. Der anschließende interaktive Teil erlaubt TeilnehmerInnen eigene Abfragen zur erstellen und auszuführen.

  • Presentation at the PASC21 (05. July 2021, English)

    Title: The Semantic EO Data Cube for Austria and Beyond
    When: Monday, 05. July 2021: 17:00 - 17:30
    Where: Online, more information: https://pasc21.pasc-conference.org/program/schedule/presentation/?id=msa257&sess=sess123

    Abstract: The semantic EO data cube combines an EO data cube with an AI-based inference engine by integrating a computer-vision approach to infer new information from EO data in an explainable way. Our approach uses semantic enrichment of optical EO images to obtain data-derived information, i.e., an initial interpretation, and makes them directly available and accessible for further analysis within the cube. The architecture is based on an expert system, in which domain knowledge can be encoded in semantic models (knowledgebase) and applied to the image data as well as data-derived information (factbase) using a graphical inference engine. This approach offers new and innovative functions for semantic, content-based image search and image analysis in user-defined regions and time intervals using a newly developed semantic querying language, which does not require programming skills. The world's first prototype of this approach is the Sen2Cube.at data and information cube covering all of Austria, including all available Sentinel-2 images since Sentinel-2A's launch in 2015. Thus, the prototype was successfully scaled to a national data cube for Austria. This presentation will focus on the architecture of this approach and demonstrate the transferability to other regions (Syria) and sensors (AVHRR).

  • Workshop at (23. November 2021, German)

    When: Tuesday, 23. November 2021: 14:30 - 15:30
    Where: Online, more information: https://www.citizen-science.at/blog/klimaworkshop

    Abstract: Untersuchen von städtischen Grünflächen mit dem österreichischen semantischen Datenwürfel