• Hello!

    Are you new to Sen2Cube.at? Welcome 👋. Here is some information on how to get started and where to get more information.

    At first, you should look at the manual, which you can access here: https://manual.sen2cube.at. Section 2 (Semantic Enrichment) and Section 3 (Getting Started) are excellent first reads to familiarise yourself with the system.

    Afterwards, you can log in to https://demo.sen2cube.at, where some default models are already waiting for you in your knowledgebase. The three models named "Hello World" provide a detailed description and some comments on how the query language works and how you can alter existing models and create new ones. You can simply execute them and see the result - perhaps select a relatively smaller area of interest and time period in the beginning to obtain quicker results. You will see how easy it is to use the system once you have executed the first successful semantic query! If you want to know more about how a particular block works or how it can be used, you can have a look at Section 5 of the manual (Building Blocks).

    Are you stuck? No worries. You are at the right place already. In this forum, you can get in contact with other users and the team behind Sen2Cube.at and ask any question you want, e.g., about the query language or the data and information layers. You can access this forum with the credentials you received for the Sen2Cube.at system. Just make sure to click on the icon below the "Alternative Login":


    To be informed about any major issues or updates, we recommend watching the maintenance thread in this forum (https://forum.sen2cube.at/topic/6/maintenance/6) by clicking on the bell on the top-right in that thread. You will then get an E-Mail notification with all the information.